Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Seuss does Angelina Jolie's Leg

As I lay half asleep in my fluffalla bed, visions of Angelina Jolie's leg are stuck in my head. It is so lovely and so full of life, but I do hope they soon stop with that photoshop knife. For her children need it to climb on, Brad needs it in bed. Just this morning I saw it, photoshopped with a head. I tried to plant more with a toe as the seed, but they keep getting stolen by that nasty old Sneed. He takes them and hides them in his late nighttime raid, I think I see one of them beneath a lamp shade. He hid one next to the wozzet who lives in my closet and under the ghair as a leg to his chair. There are four holding up the table and one next to the Oscar on the couch, I would move it myself if he wasn't such a grouch. Angie's leg has made it to the moon and multiplied on her hips, this trend has become even bigger than the size if her lips. So as I lay here in bed next to my favorite pet willow, I cover my eyes with my big fluffy pillow. I hope when I wake they will have all gone back to where they belong, on Ms. Jolie's right side helping hold up her thong.

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  1. Wow ! Dr. Seuss would be worried.