Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Todays topic: God spoke to you?

OK, first of all this won't be me preaching to you about going to church or saving yourself our anything like that. I'm sure you get enough of that when you answer the door early Saturday or Sunday morning thinking "I bet these two people at my door, all dressed up with pamphlets in thier arms are here to tell me I won a sweepstakes. The balloons and confetti must be in the mini van they parked down the street." Then blammo! They ask you to join them with no obligation to have to prowl the early morning weekend streets with them. Anyway, I promise not to convert you. Todays topic is about the people who believe that God has spoken directly to them. As my self defence disclaimer, I do believe in God and hope he does exist. Really. I just can't bring myself to believe he talks to people. Reason number one: Why would the creator of all mankind and the universe for that matter tell you personally that he needs you to do something that will pretty much only benefit your needs or desires? For example, "Joe, it's me God. I need you to shoot up a shopping mall." Sorry but I do take issue with this one. I'm pretty sure that ones on St. Peter's naughty list at the pearly gates. I kind of have a feeling that 'Joe' thought that one up himself. How about this example? "Hey, it's me my son. God. I need you to collect a few million dollars to start a church for people to worship me. And by the way, throw in a few nice cars and houses for yourself." Hmmmmm... Let's see. He sent down his only Son to spread the word and let him get crucified. I'm kind of thinking that the new Bentley and house in Malibu perk was your idea. I'm just guessing though. If God was speaking directly to people I'm pretty sure it would go a little more like this: "Wake up it's me God. I don't care if you were sleeping. You see, I made you in my image and quite frankly, your ruining that image. I worked pretty hard on my reputation and your screwing it up. So it's time for you to sell some of your unneeded crap and build a house of worship for me. Your incentive? I won't smote you." Plus I'm pretty sure the voice of God would leave your ears ringing a little bit and probably wake the neighbors. I'm just saying.


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